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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Accessories Code 10

Here we have a couple of my favorite hair accessories. I am just getting into the groove of my natural hair & how to work it dressing it up. I hate when things are just simple so I love to add some pazz & there's more to come.

Here is a sequence hat I bought from Bakers in the mall on sale for $4. I use this hat for bad hair days or if I have to make a quick errand & don't wanna take out my two strand twist. In most cases I will pair it with large hoop earrings since all my hair would be tucked under to give it a different look.

Now this piece I purchased from Icing's in the mall it's pretty much a step up from Claires it was $25. It slides into your hair with the attached comb or you can also add hair pins. I had being eyeing this hair accessory for a couple months & thought to myself "would this be to much" then being the chick I am said, what the hell I just love it anyway.

Now this poka-dot bow I don't know what the hell I was thinking cause I never really have worn this out, but I have to find a way to rock it because it's different & I love how it's large enough to play up my natural hair styles. This piece is not a head band it clips into the hair.

Now when I saw this Peacock Feathered head band I went GAGA I truely love it & got so many compliments when I wore it out. I purchased this at Icing's for like $16. & I can wear it with my hair curly & fro like or pulled back in a low side bun.

This sequence bowed-hat I purchased at H&M for $5 I can wear my hair however I think with this piece. I can wear it with the comb underneath that is attached or with the stretchy thing you see there or just add hair pins to hold it in place.

My EVE wig piece honey I guess I did't feel like doing my hair. It's still an hair accessory to me.

This here is the cutest head band I call it the bowed-net effect it is soo chic & I can wear this with my hair in a low bun or wild & curly. I purchased this one from Icing's as well they have really cute unique pieces.

This little # is also cute it clips into the hair I love feathers as earring or hair accessories. Guess where I got this one yeah you guessed right Icing's again.

How cute is my Peacock Feathered Hippi draw string hair tie. I got this one from Icing's also, I'm wondering if it would look just as nice with my curly hair.

My H&M Black & White #, now I'm not sure if it's an hair tie or a waist belt like thing. Maybe it could be worn ither way But I really love it in my hair just in case the edges are a hott mess or just because it compliments the outfit.

Now here I was goofing off for real because this is a $20 rope chain necklace, I purchased in NYC I just thought since it was starting to turn green HEY why not try it in my hair before I had to throw it out.

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