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MAKEUP, FASHION, & NATURAL HAIR DIARIES*********I Want to welcome you all to such an event which I would call Lifestyles of a Diva.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Natural Hair Styles

A view of my hair stages from shoulder lenght to lower back lenght. From wash & go's to blow outs & flat ironed. & a couple hair styles, this is my hair journey from 2008-2012
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lavender Flower Nails

bouquet of flowersbouquet of flowersLove my shades of purple & since spring is approaching it shall be back on the scene, with accents of a deeper shade of purple & flowers
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Revamped

This is my blowout flat iron hair close to wash day, my loose side braid I did the same style one with the braid hanging down & the next one with it bun up to the side.

Work Attire

Love switching up my style

Work Attire

See how I did the color mixed with a bit of patterns, & my favorite patterns are Houndstooth & Snake print I love how these two patterns can be bold but still go with a bunch of colors & styles. I also pair my looks with hair accessories & random nail art. I love to change my hair styles. & my new found thing are blazers.

Work Attire

Work attire mixed with a bit of a twist from Trousers to Skirts I love to jazz up my looks & get the most out of my outfits. My goal is to rarely wear one outfit the same meaning: to switch it up add color or patterns & having focal points to an outfit.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Natural Hair styles

Here are three natural hair styles on straightened hair. I'm really trying to perfect my styling abilities.

1. The Bun- with the help of the donut bun & a really cool chain hair accessory, it has two combs on each side to slide into hair

2. The Two Strand Twist- I did this look on blown out hair for more lenght.

3. The Roller Set Hair- I just blew out my hair & flat ironed it & used soft rollers at night to get that curl, & pinned back the front a bit to keep it off my face.
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French Braid Hair Band

This is a look I was inspired by on YouTube "GlamTwinz 334" channel although they had a bit more of a wavy curl with their curling wand, I just didn't feel up to putting rollers in my hair. But this is the look pretty much a French braid braided from one side to the other bobby pinned behind the hair. Although it was a bit messy I do plan on mastering this look even with my curly hair.

Loose side twist

I blew out & flat ironed my hair like the 5th of January & now 2weeks in it's about time for a wash so I wanted a cute hair style to wear so I went on YouTube to "Who Is Sugar" page & redid her look came out pretty cute huh