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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flexi Rod Hair

this here is my complete flexi rod hair I just finger comb it to my desired look added some purple extensions & I'm done

this is the Flexi Rods it's self like I said it's just easier for me to sleep.this step is after blow drying & flat ironing & I do this each night before going to bed whenever I wear my hair straight

these are photos of the hair after the flexi rods I used my Root Stimulator Moisturizing lotion before blow drying, flat ironing & the flexi rods then after the hair is out & ready to style I use My Root Stimulator Olive Oil Glossing Polisher Anti-frizz

this is a photo of my Flexi Rod set

from the right side this is how I prepair the hair for the Flexi Rods. I just like when the Rods are further back "just better for me to sleep" so I bobbi pin my hair on the sides...This style was blown out & flat ironed here

i bobbi pin the back as well just all around the head "not even half way" just enough where the sides are brushed into the bobbi pins

this was the front section

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