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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hair Accessories Code 10

Here we have a couple of my favorite hair accessories. I am just getting into the groove of my natural hair & how to work it dressing it up. I hate when things are just simple so I love to add some pazz & there's more to come.

Here is a sequence hat I bought from Bakers in the mall on sale for $4. I use this hat for bad hair days or if I have to make a quick errand & don't wanna take out my two strand twist. In most cases I will pair it with large hoop earrings since all my hair would be tucked under to give it a different look.

Now this piece I purchased from Icing's in the mall it's pretty much a step up from Claires it was $25. It slides into your hair with the attached comb or you can also add hair pins. I had being eyeing this hair accessory for a couple months & thought to myself "would this be to much" then being the chick I am said, what the hell I just love it anyway.

Now this poka-dot bow I don't know what the hell I was thinking cause I never really have worn this out, but I have to find a way to rock it because it's different & I love how it's large enough to play up my natural hair styles. This piece is not a head band it clips into the hair.

Now when I saw this Peacock Feathered head band I went GAGA I truely love it & got so many compliments when I wore it out. I purchased this at Icing's for like $16. & I can wear it with my hair curly & fro like or pulled back in a low side bun.

This sequence bowed-hat I purchased at H&M for $5 I can wear my hair however I think with this piece. I can wear it with the comb underneath that is attached or with the stretchy thing you see there or just add hair pins to hold it in place.

My EVE wig piece honey I guess I did't feel like doing my hair. It's still an hair accessory to me.

This here is the cutest head band I call it the bowed-net effect it is soo chic & I can wear this with my hair in a low bun or wild & curly. I purchased this one from Icing's as well they have really cute unique pieces.

This little # is also cute it clips into the hair I love feathers as earring or hair accessories. Guess where I got this one yeah you guessed right Icing's again.

How cute is my Peacock Feathered Hippi draw string hair tie. I got this one from Icing's also, I'm wondering if it would look just as nice with my curly hair.

My H&M Black & White #, now I'm not sure if it's an hair tie or a waist belt like thing. Maybe it could be worn ither way But I really love it in my hair just in case the edges are a hott mess or just because it compliments the outfit.

Now here I was goofing off for real because this is a $20 rope chain necklace, I purchased in NYC I just thought since it was starting to turn green HEY why not try it in my hair before I had to throw it out.

The Wash & Two Strand Twist Preperation

These three photos here is my hair pinned up with several bobby pins in the back for the lift I preferred. This look was after wearing my two strand twist out out all day like in the photo below this one. I didn't want to do anything extra to my hair so I sprayed a little "Organic Root Stimulator", Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray for shine & kept it moving. I love this hair style for night when I go out; which I was prepairing to do, you can either keep it simple as I did or add accessories.

Here was my hair earlier that day, just all out with a goody's stretchy head band I just untwist then finger comb into the fullness desired & use my ORS-Nourishing Sheen Spray for shine & B*A*M I'm out the door.

Now here is a photo of me with my twist out I just untwist my hair from my two strand twist & finger comb into an curly style & work it with cute hair accessories which I will blog on coming soon. To smooth my edges I use ORS Olive Oil Edge Control mainly & if I want a ponytail I will also use Olive Oil Smooth-n-Hold Pudding. Below is how I create the look all together.

This is the two strand twist I was refering to all thanks to I now don't need heat on my hair even in the winter as often. I create these twist with my hair damp from my water & leave in conditioner by Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" that I put into a spray bottle also using my Organic Root Stimulator's "Lock & Twist gel" & for moisture I use the ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. Follow up with my Natural Coconut Oil when I retwist.

Here is the Gel I use for my two strand twist I purchased for 3.99 at my local beauty supply store. I just a little for each twist.

In no particular order!!!! I have to use a detangler after each wash this one is a detangler from Pantene, but I will be using Mane 'n Tail detangler for now on out I now detangle in four sections it's just easier. I use my ORS Replenishing Conditioner which is a deep conditioner & let this product sit in my hair for a couple hours with a plastic conditioning cap & I also put a towel over the cap for a deeper conditioning result.The witch hazel is for cleansing my scalp I simply finger part my hair & spray directly to the scalp all over.

These products are what I use to give my hair & scalp a complete cleanse I have my Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo, my Pantene Clarifying Shampoo , then my Neutrogena Anit-Residue Formula Shampoo. Now each one of these products help with lifting & washing away build-up & residue to the hair & scalp leaving your hair super clean.

The Creme of Nature "Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo & Mositure Extreme Conditioner" is what I use in the winter mainly to give me the moisture lost during the brutal weather months & that little brush-comb you see here is my shampoo-conditioner tool, I use this to massage my scalp & brush the product through my hair as I wash. I use Pantene in the summer so I'm gonna start using the Pantene"Curls" in the shampoo & conditioners to define my natural curl pattern. If the Pantene "Curls" doesn't work for me I will try the "Nature Fusion" but I really hope my first choice works out. When I was relaxed I would use my Pantene Relaxed & Nautral. I started changing up my shampoo-conditoner routine like a year or two ago just so my hair doesn't get too comfortable with one product because sometimes when that's the case the product looses it working ability. So since my hair manageability changes during the seasons I narrowed it down to changing my product routine to Creme of Nature for the winter & Pantene in the summer.

These photos you see here is my hair with the ORS Replenishing Conditioner applied to my hair. I relax 1-3 hours with this product in my hair with my conditioning cap & towel.

This here is my hair during detangling, I recently started detangling in 4 sections which is so much easier. I spray the detangler onto my hair while it's soaking wet then section into 4's & apply clips to hold it together. During this process I finger section little pieces of my hair & spray witch hazel to my scalp. & after this process is my two strand twist.

The photo you see here is the hair that shed during my wash.

Here is the hair I clipped out after my wash, it is all the relaxed ends I could find. Those ends looked so wierd with the curly locks cause you would see straggly ends which wasn't hott.

Photo 2 of my straggly ends

Now in the winter I have no shame to throw on my wig piece I have a thing for short hair right now but I gonna grow my natural hair as long as possible. So the short wigs for me is a great option because I love to change up my style on the regular. But the spring is coming in soon, so the wig piece had to go cause if it gets too hot out I will take my wig piece right off in pubic. So to save myself from that drama it's best to put them up for the spring/summer. Cheers ladies.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Trendsetting Fashions I Admire

I am in love with style & all that's featured here are some of my favorite looks & designers. I used to get teased for my sense of style & when I was younger it affected me but now I'm older & I really don't give a fuck what other people have to say. Now that I'm older people have opened up to it a bit more even if they don't like it they have to respect that I am a risk taker, not everyone will get it so I'm only focus on making myself happy. My stlye is all my own, I don't like to blend into the crowd even if someone look at me & say WHAT THE HELL it doesn't matter to me because, it's all in how I feel & no one opinion matters it's all in what I wanna do with my style. So I had to post a couple pictures of my favorite looks of all time so Below you will find a few things a admire in fashion. Rihanna here & I chose the photo because this gray/fur sweater jacket is eye catching & those gloves are soo rockstar chic.

These glasses here I don't know if you can see out of them but they rock

These lace glasses are so my style I would wear theses day or night & the great thing about them is not too many people would want to wear them.

Got to love the Chanel frames always a classic. The crystals really bring them to life.

I've always loved this look for sunglasses & her hair really sets it off.

The dress & shoes are show stopping

Had to post this photo because those gloves are a beautiful touch & the hair is a must do

I love Rihanna's style to me everything she wears is alway fashion forward..& even if some people don't agree you still have to give it to her for being different from her peers. She lives by her own rules & when doing that great things come from it. I see so many stars now copying her style wheather it's her hair or clothes she is a trendsetter & she doesn't follow the crowd she leads them to the yard.

This leather fish net looking tights I hear was pretty pricey between $800-900 WOW. But I just love this look & with the open toe booties she's killin' em.

The shoes are dope but this Corset with the chains & spikes really caught my eye.

Check out the Christian Louboutins in both photos, the hair & top just work she can pull off a potato sack & everyone & their mother will go out to buy one.

These red carpet dresses are truely stunning Rihanna really know how to go from her rockstar edgy look to an evening grown & look flawless.

I really adore Marc Jacobs bags almost every bag this man creates is a beautiful site. Hands down in my opinon he is the best bag designer the leather, hardware & over all details are always on point everytime.

Now this man is a sheer shoe genius his creativity is extraordinary. I love everything about his artistic shoe abilities. I first spotted his work on the Oprah Show during his interview with her & the rest was history then I saw Rihanna rocking them. I'm not what you would call a high heel type of girl but for this man I will!!!!!!!!! I present to you Mr. Christian Louboutin view some of his best work & why I love his work a great deal.

I caught Janet Jackson wearing these gold spiked pumps on the Tyra show & googled them until I found the designer & guess who????? These are my favorite Christian Louboutin pumps ever.

Katie Perry rockin' the thigh high Christian's, Ciara also rocked these..cute huh

I also love these ruffled pumps Ciara is spotted with if I could I would buy this style in every single color & pattern.

Victoria Beckham is fierce in the gold spikes

The feathered pumps are crazy now can you see why this man is the best shoe designer EVER. I would play with these pumps in a pencil skirt or leather black legging with a simple top.

A Barney's classic.....these pumps I would pair with True Religion denim short-shorts or dark washed denim skinny jeans.

This studded boot is no joke pair it with a pair of skinny jeans or a short pooffy black lace dress & you're so rockstar chic.

Th Platforms are sick I would wear these with a black pencil skirt with white or black button down top.

Here I featured a collage of a hand full of my favorite Christian Louboutin pumps I am obsessed with these shoes all shades, patterns, & styles.