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Friday, March 26, 2010

Trendsetting Fashions I Admire

I am in love with style & all that's featured here are some of my favorite looks & designers. I used to get teased for my sense of style & when I was younger it affected me but now I'm older & I really don't give a fuck what other people have to say. Now that I'm older people have opened up to it a bit more even if they don't like it they have to respect that I am a risk taker, not everyone will get it so I'm only focus on making myself happy. My stlye is all my own, I don't like to blend into the crowd even if someone look at me & say WHAT THE HELL it doesn't matter to me because, it's all in how I feel & no one opinion matters it's all in what I wanna do with my style. So I had to post a couple pictures of my favorite looks of all time so Below you will find a few things a admire in fashion. Rihanna here & I chose the photo because this gray/fur sweater jacket is eye catching & those gloves are soo rockstar chic.

These glasses here I don't know if you can see out of them but they rock

These lace glasses are so my style I would wear theses day or night & the great thing about them is not too many people would want to wear them.

Got to love the Chanel frames always a classic. The crystals really bring them to life.

I've always loved this look for sunglasses & her hair really sets it off.

The dress & shoes are show stopping

Had to post this photo because those gloves are a beautiful touch & the hair is a must do

I love Rihanna's style to me everything she wears is alway fashion forward..& even if some people don't agree you still have to give it to her for being different from her peers. She lives by her own rules & when doing that great things come from it. I see so many stars now copying her style wheather it's her hair or clothes she is a trendsetter & she doesn't follow the crowd she leads them to the yard.

This leather fish net looking tights I hear was pretty pricey between $800-900 WOW. But I just love this look & with the open toe booties she's killin' em.

The shoes are dope but this Corset with the chains & spikes really caught my eye.

Check out the Christian Louboutins in both photos, the hair & top just work she can pull off a potato sack & everyone & their mother will go out to buy one.

These red carpet dresses are truely stunning Rihanna really know how to go from her rockstar edgy look to an evening grown & look flawless.

I really adore Marc Jacobs bags almost every bag this man creates is a beautiful site. Hands down in my opinon he is the best bag designer the leather, hardware & over all details are always on point everytime.

Now this man is a sheer shoe genius his creativity is extraordinary. I love everything about his artistic shoe abilities. I first spotted his work on the Oprah Show during his interview with her & the rest was history then I saw Rihanna rocking them. I'm not what you would call a high heel type of girl but for this man I will!!!!!!!!! I present to you Mr. Christian Louboutin view some of his best work & why I love his work a great deal.

I caught Janet Jackson wearing these gold spiked pumps on the Tyra show & googled them until I found the designer & guess who????? These are my favorite Christian Louboutin pumps ever.

Katie Perry rockin' the thigh high Christian's, Ciara also rocked these..cute huh

I also love these ruffled pumps Ciara is spotted with if I could I would buy this style in every single color & pattern.

Victoria Beckham is fierce in the gold spikes

The feathered pumps are crazy now can you see why this man is the best shoe designer EVER. I would play with these pumps in a pencil skirt or leather black legging with a simple top.

A Barney's classic.....these pumps I would pair with True Religion denim short-shorts or dark washed denim skinny jeans.

This studded boot is no joke pair it with a pair of skinny jeans or a short pooffy black lace dress & you're so rockstar chic.

Th Platforms are sick I would wear these with a black pencil skirt with white or black button down top.

Here I featured a collage of a hand full of my favorite Christian Louboutin pumps I am obsessed with these shoes all shades, patterns, & styles.

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