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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Natural Hair styles

Here are three natural hair styles on straightened hair. I'm really trying to perfect my styling abilities.

1. The Bun- with the help of the donut bun & a really cool chain hair accessory, it has two combs on each side to slide into hair

2. The Two Strand Twist- I did this look on blown out hair for more lenght.

3. The Roller Set Hair- I just blew out my hair & flat ironed it & used soft rollers at night to get that curl, & pinned back the front a bit to keep it off my face.
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French Braid Hair Band

This is a look I was inspired by on YouTube "GlamTwinz 334" channel although they had a bit more of a wavy curl with their curling wand, I just didn't feel up to putting rollers in my hair. But this is the look pretty much a French braid braided from one side to the other bobby pinned behind the hair. Although it was a bit messy I do plan on mastering this look even with my curly hair.

Loose side twist

I blew out & flat ironed my hair like the 5th of January & now 2weeks in it's about time for a wash so I wanted a cute hair style to wear so I went on YouTube to "Who Is Sugar" page & redid her look came out pretty cute huh