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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am the Style Watch Magazine

These Steve Madden sandals are too cute I caught these on sale for $8 at TJ Maxx in Greensville NC the strap is broken but for $8 I'll super glue them or something. I saw these sandals in Nordstrom at regular sale price & waited for them soo glad I did.
These are also Steve Madden's I felt wonderful purchasing these because the retail price was $169 I purchased these for $22 can you say "What A DEAL?" it's like the vintage suede look I don't really wear suede because I'm always afraid of messing them up but the look of them being worn works. The buckles really caught my eye.

Now for my Nine West boots I bought like 3-4 years ago I've only worn them once cause like I said the suede might be hard for me to wear & the color was so light but they were on sale I believe I bought them for $69 from the retail price of $169 or something.

Here are my Goldeneye UGGs waterproof boots & as you can see I wear them in rainy, snowy weather. I purchased these at Bloomingdale full price only because they never really go on sale & I really needed a good weather boot that wasn't so manly looking.

These Classic UGGs here I don't 100% love cause they make my feet look super hugh but I live in New Jersey & in the winter months the weather can be brutal. So I bought these in the bronze shade cause the suede would have been done by now...the bronze I thought was kinda cool. I purchased these full price from the "Walking Company"$159.

I LOVE my Classic Cardy's these here are my favorite UGGS ever. they're not as warm to me as my bronze ones but they make a hell of a fashion statement & I can wear them folded down or straight up.

Here are my heels that are soo cute the red & bronze are Nine West & the gray are Me Too SALE SALE SALE SALE

My flats are everything to me now on the left are my "Betseyville by Betsey Johnson" cherry flats I am in love with those. The middle are my "Creative Recreation" sneakers I purchased at the Atrium in NYC $95. On the right are my 4 tone "Vans" I love my "Vans" & starting my little collection of them. The yellow & orange flats below are my "Nine West" I just love color as you can very well see....The shoes featured here were either on sale or full priced but affordable.

"Steve Madden" Oxfords baby.. these I got at Macy's for $17 I'm not sure of the retail price but I got a good deal. I saw the Oxford look in fashion magazines & had to have them so I waited for a sale.Just rocked them with my Michael Jackson socks.

I am in love with Pharrell Williams as you can see, so I had to have a pair of his Icecream sneakers. The colorful ones I went out to Harlem NY & found these for under $20 the grey ones I went to a sneaker store in Newark NJ & bought these for like $40.

Wal-Mart honey!!! purchased for $14 had to have my Michael Jackson Tote.....R.I.P to the KING

Here's my first "Lucky Brand" handbag purchased from Macy's for $100 from retail price of $169. The leather smells great I just LOVE the new leather scent. My favorite color is purple so it works cause I've always wanted a "Lucky Brand" bag. Now I would've waited for the mark down but this bag was the only purple left so you know I couldn't let that go it was calling me.

I love this cute clutch size shoulder bag in a purple/burgundy shade. At first I just wanted shoes from "Charles David" but I went into the store in the Shorthills Mall NJ & they were having a sale & the rest was history I paid $89 for this bag from a retail price of between $169-$250

"Macy's" is amazing let me tell you!!!!! I bought my first "Michael Kors" shoulder/cross body bag for like $59-$69 can't remember the price I paid for sure. The color is perfect for me it was my work bag for a while & I wear it al season long..& my "Michael Kors" perfume "Very Hollywood"-Macy's & The "Island FIJI" in Perfumania

"Macy's" once again!! this bag is a flat shoulder bag I love the color got to have my I don't remember how much I paid but it was super cheap.

I love this look here I believe my shoes are Request $52 at Nordstroms love the ruffles, & my crossbody ruffle chain bag is from BEBE $44 clearance.

Love my Juicy bag paid full price though $195 now I wish I would have bought a Leather bag instead since I paid full price. the terri cloth is kinda high school.

" Longchamp" Pliage & leather & cloth bags I just love that grey clutch & the carmel hobo bag....the Pliage is so popular though everyone in NYC has one.. I worked for the company so the discounts were crazy {Kate Moss} models for the Longchamp Brand

I love Gwen Stefani for this one it's the "Rasta LAMB" clutch I bought this one in Nordstom for $100 even, from $300-$400 retail.... good deal huh

The two bags here are my "Betseyville by Betsey Johnson" the silver & gold I paid $100 full price & the brown/bronze was a b-day gift also $100 full price

"Betseyville by Betsey Johnson wristlets I perchased $30-$40 on sale

"Betseyville by Betsey Johnson handbag & Icecream sneakers

My "Betsey Johnson" accessories I am crazy for her pieces I have watches & all

I love designer jeans but don't always pay full price

Now my True Religion jeans I paid full price $175 I just love the pockets & that was my only reason for the purchase. The "Rich & Skinny jeans were a steal at $26 from retail price of $160 from Bloomingdales & nothing was wrong with them just a good deal.

"Citizen Of Humanity" jeans I truely love the fit of these $60-$70 from retail price of $159 from Neiman Marcus

My "7 All Man Kind" jeans are my favorite out of all the jeans I own the fit is perfect perfect perfect the fabric is so soft too, now I paid full price $159 & it was & is worth every penny. The "Armani Exchange" were on sale sorry I forget what I paid but they were on sale

The "Joe's" jeans were on sale for $70 at Neiman Marcus I love those jeans too. & the "Marc Jacobs" jeans were $26 in Bloomingdales can you believe that...I did my photoshoot in my MJ's

The "Madewell" jeans were on sale for $26 from retail price of $129...DAMN I'm good & my "Taverniti" jeans I love the rockstar look of these I paid $100 from retail of $160 or up in Neiman Marcus

My "J Brand" jeans were $60-$70 from $209 in bloomingdales & let me tell you these jeans look soo good on it's not even funny...My "Michael Kors" jeans I bought from TJ Maxx, Marshalls..something like that for $49, these jeans are so soft & beachy like they're wide leg. They were $129 in the "Michael Kors" store I loved them so much but I waited for them, so glad I did & I didn't even wait long

Goofying off in SOHO NY in the streets with my 7 jeans, Betseyville flats & Michael Kors crossbody

hey another juicy bag for $ 159 I believe

My True Religion jeans I just love the pockets

Now I have to wear prescription glasses or contact at all times so I figure since I have to wear them daily why not go for a designer frame. So here you see the classic Chanel in brown tortoise those are my 2nd favorites, but my first purchase.

Here I have my Gucci marble frames these are my favorite frames EVER EVER I just didn't want all black but these are fierce. Actually I got these glasses because a girl that I worked with copied my idea of the Chanel frames & I couldn't stand wearing the Chanel frame with her wearing them everyday that was my reason for buying the Gucci frame. Just so happens to be my favorite frames ever.Thanks copy cat I found something better anyway.

Now these are my favorite rings ever & yes they are both 14kt & are diamonds small diamonds but they're diamonds. I call them the Queen Bee.

Now for my Bulgari frames I didn't even know what they were at first I just walked into the store & saw the model in the photo modeling them & knew they would be mine & I didn't stop until I got them. They are a little big for my face but they still work.

I am NOT here to brag on what I wear I just wanted to shared how you can shop designer wear & not always have to pay full price. Everything featured in this blog is 100% authentic because I believe if I can't afford it then it's just not for me right now, that's why you don't see Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes or Valentino bags cause I'm not caking like that yet, but I still love quality but I believe in living within my means. Now I worked in the mall for a couple years & I knew of all the Bloomingdale, Neiman Marcus, Nine West, Nordstrom sales ETC so it was quite easy for my shopping. All of these looks are my everyday looks & I didn't have to brake the bank so yes it is possible to wear some of your favorite designers for a fraction of the price. I mainly like designer jeans ONLY I will however pay full price for a pair of good quality jeans MAINLY "7 All Man Kind" because the fit is like no other. I love designer handbags but I also know my limits & I'll buy my tops & shoes from 4Ever 21, & H&M -shoes from Vans, Nine West, & Steve Madden.. Now the shoes I will wait for sales but you know sometimes you just can't wait. I really love my shoes as well & I'm the type to not wear the same shoe twice in a row but my shoe game is within my means so you WON'T see me in "FAUX" Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe, or Dolce & Gabbana faking the funk but hopefully one day I can be able to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps because I am in love with this man's creations. Now the prices listed in this blog I have to say even I was surprised but it's possible. So there you have it your guide to shopping on a budget hope you've enjoyed the viewing.

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