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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shouting out my Stylist

This is the magazine (2008) I was featured in compliments of my stylist. My hair stylist is Nickey as you might see in the magazine & she has been the best stylist I have ever dealt with since I have been going to salons. I found the salon through "Sophisticate's Black hair Magazine" went in & I haven't been to any other salon since & this was between 2006-2007. When I went in for the first time to see Nickey my relaxed & colored hair was JACKED UP & need a cut & style bad.

This is my page in the Style Q magazine. Nickey is no longer with Hair On Earth but her # is on the business card below.
This is Nickey business card so if you live in New Jersey she's the girl to call for a hot style just take a look at her work below

These photos are from the photo shoot. Now I wore this faux hawk for like two years on & off I just loved it. This look is what I wore when I had to have my hair cut because before Nickey this lady at another salon screwed my hair completely up with a cut & color. Nickey cut & treated my hair & this was my style while I waited for my hair to grow back. This was during my relaxed stage.

This hair is all natural!!! I had my hair twisted in two strands maybe like 20 then untwisted ( then retwisted pieces in the back) & pinned up & added pearls this was for a wedding. Even though it was a wedding I still wanted an edgy natural look.

Now this cut was inspired from Keri Hilson my hair then was relaxed my bangs were cut & layers to frame my face.

Relaxed hair again it was set with rollers & smoothed on the left as far over to the right side of my head as possible & the curls are left out to create a side upward pony.

My pin curl look in front, & Just a simple styled up-pony in the back, my hair was relaxed here also.

My hair is relaxed here as well with ocean waves "took alot of gel for this look" & for my ponytail there were tracks added to make that bun. I added chop sticks to it to give it a different look at times.

Now this is all my hair!! just a simple look my hair in the front was layered cut in the front to frame my face hair once again relaxed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twisted Buns & Singles

Now these are the products I used on my loose two strand twist right below & for the Aphogee which is also in the spray bottle I added Aloe Vera Juice & just spray my hair then moisturize & use my lock & twist gel & this technique really locks in the twist.

Here is my 28 single two strand twist, 13 on the right side & 15 on the left side now I meant to only do 20 twist but hey it still turned out nice

This is my hair soon after I sprayed my Aphogee & Aloe Vera Juice mix

Along with the Aloe Vera Gel & Carrot Oil I used these products to the 4-5 two strand twist that's in the ponytail

Now this is what I used to smooth the pulled back sections & tie my hair down at night with my satin scarf & in the morning my hair was neat & had a natural sheen to it.

This is a new protective style which I love also. Here I just part down the middle to create two lower ponytails which I applied 4-5 two strand twist in each ponytail & bobby pinned into buns

Different fazes of protective styling

Now this is my favorite protective fun style EVER & my inspiration is from ChiselleCouture's youtube channel & it's an Alicia Keys red carpet up do. I oiled my hair along with Eco Styler Gel along the sides to smooth. I parted three sections straight back: one in the middle & two sections left & right. I took the left & right sections (leaving the middle out) & put them into a lower pontail using an ouchless hair tie. Then I just flat two strand twisted my hair from the back to the front connecting the ponytail & middle section together & pin the front into a pin curl.

Here is just an simple ponytail using a ouchless hair tie I used Eco Styler gel on small sections to help with the uniformed texture. Above I added a peacock pin feather I purchased from Icing's & just air dried.

This look I parted my hair in two sections "up & down" put it into my ouchless hair tie & two strand twist each ponytail into 4-5 pieces & bobby pined them into a bun.

Here I smoothed my sides with Eco Styler gel parted my hair in the front from left to right mid-way. Then made my ponytail using the ouchless hair tie. Started two stranding my hair from the front down into my ponytail & my ponytail consist of a couple two strand twist bobby pinned into a bun