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Friday, April 9, 2010

Facial Contacts

Here you will see my complete skin care regimen this is what I do to maintain healthy skin somethings I have been doing for a long time & somethings I switched due to change in skin appearance. Now with my Cetaphil I have been using the bar soap for a little over a year I believe & I branched out to the skin cleanser, moisturizing cream & facial moisturizer because the Olay Complete Night Fortifying cream seem to be breaking my forehead out so I recently started using the Cetaphil to see if I could tell a difference. The bar soap has been wonderful so hopefully everything else will work as well.
Now Neutrogena I have been using for years I use any of these products at any sign of breakouts or before to prevent any acne. I may will use up to 2-3 times in the week but I use the Cetaphil daily because it's gentle. But my Neutrogena is a must buy. I use the brush you see there I purchased from Sephora to scrub the dead skin away mostly for the winter months when my skin is most likely to shed & peel.

Olay is a good product as well the thermal polisher & pore scrub is such a treat to wake up my skin. The Olay complete spf 15 was one of my daily moisturizers that was replaced by my Cetaphil cream but I will still go back to it from time to time I think. Now for the Olay you see with the blue top is the night fortifying cream which broke out my forehead so I had to lay off that one.

Now the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is also a treat I use it like once a week if I don't forget it helps with acne, pimples, & unclog pores I adore this stuff. Witch Hazel is another one of my astringents it is gentle & gets the job done I use the Witch Hazel after washing my face but mainly after using a scrub to soothe the skin.

These products is for the body & the story behind the Neutrogena body scrub (but I just use the plain old Neutrogena body wash but walgreens had no more so I got the scrub-still should work the same) but anyway the story behind this product is...about 15 years ago I saw this girl with a low cut tank on & she has back acne like no other & from that moment on I was on the search for a body wash to prevent this so for 15 years I have been using this body wash thanks to that girl I saw like 15yrs ago. Although I never had body acne that severe it doesn't help to use it anyway. Now Dove soap is classic my favorite is my Gentle Exfoliating just love the results it leaves the skin moisturized with this soap I'm never dry or itchy I use to use Ivory which I grew up on but when I discovered Dove the rest was history. The Ambi Soft & Even is a great moisturizer I use in the spring/summer the I switch it up with Vaseline in the fall/winter & it suppose to even out the skin tone as well.

For my Black Opal-Advance Dual Complex Fade Gel I use on any facial blemishes & it's getting the job done thanks a million "MissLBailey" you rock girl. It really works just spot you blemishes a couple times a day & you're good but I wouldn't recommend you do that & go out without checking your mirrors cause I did once sitting in the DMV but I was out hours prior to that looked into the mirror & saw flaky white patches it wasn't horrible I just rubbed it off but just the thought of being out all day with flaky white patches on your face isn't a good look cause you know no one will tell you, you have something on your face.

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