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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lip Action

Up The Amp-Lavender Violet (Amplified Creme) below

Rebel-Vivid Pinkish-Purple (Satin) & "O"-Purplish-Red with Golden Pearl (Frost) half & half

Pervette-Soft Pink with Violet Opalescent shimmer (Glaze) & Rebel-Vivid Pinkish-Purple (satin)

Odyssey-Spiked-Up Plum (frost)

Charismatic-Terracotta with Gold (Lustre) below is

Crosswire-Clean Pinky Orange (Creamsheen)

A bit messy but this one is Chock-Ful/a Brown Bronzy shade & "O"-Purplish-Red with Golden Pearl (Frost)

CB 96-Bright Pink-Orange with Pearl (frost)

Bing-Deep Purple Plum Mattene

Recently I've been into the lipsticks oppose to the lipglosses mainly because the lipstick show the color up more I have full lips & I jsut love COLOR COLOR COLOR. I am dark skin but for some reason love bright colors I wear the lipstick alone or change the shade with a lipgloss. My main color choices are purple-plums, fushia, orange-corals & skin tones I try & collect as many of those colors as possible. So what you are seeing here are all MAC products because they have the best colors. To moisturize my lips I use Carmex lip balm all through the day & can't sleep with out it

Eye Shadow Frenzy

For this look I chose MAC'S Parfait Amour, Thunder, Texture & Waveline in the liner pot, Spiked brow pencil

This is what I use to keep my eyeshadow from creasing both works miracles but I'm really loving the Urban Decay because it goes on sheer & brightens the eyeshadow. Now I started off using the MAC paints peintures which comes in color, I purchase the colors close to my skin tone but if you don't blend the paint into your skin properly it can alter your shadow, & a MAC artist told me you have to work quickly with these paints cause they dry up fast but they really keep the shadow from creasing all day I have taken a shower on a hot day & this paint never attempt to crease I love this one too. So what you see here are the MAC paints in Sublime Nature, Tan Ray, & Bamboo.

Here I believe I'm wearing MAC's Carbon & Ricepaper & for sure MakeUp Forever eyelashes

MAC lashes above & I also did this look on youtube & MakeUp Forever feathered lashes on the right I use the Duo lash glue I purchase from the MAC counter for all my lashes.

MakeUp Forever lashes in black & blue

I don't know why I just love the drag queen look.

Again MakeUp Forever lashes

MAC eyes SORRY!! folks I don't have the colors

For the lips also MAC products I use Morange in the inner part & Girl About Town as my liner both lipsticks

MAC products again SORRY!!! I don't have the colors listed. I try to go for a beat your face look kinda like someone punched me in the eye

A portion of my MAC collection

Random this look also MAC using Coppering on the outter corner, Textured under the brow, & Moon's Reflection in the inner corners

This look here was from an CoverGirl ad but I used MAC

Here I have here a couple eyeshadow looks they are pretty much randoms but creative. MAC Cosmetics are my #1 choice of makeup but I also use MakeUp Forever, & Beauties Factory. As you can see in the post I love eyeshadow now I got into MAC only because of the colors I remember walking through Bloomingdales & right at the door I saw these amazing artistic looking girls & decided to stop through & the rest was history. I would ask the MAC artist to create a few colorful looks I would watch them in the mirror as they apply my shadow to find out how to apply & I would also feel the direction of the brushes to determine how to create my own looks & go from there. I would also walk in & watch an artist with their clients then I would play with a ton of colors on my hand & buy the best colors for me.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hair Fazes

This is the Magazine I pose for in 2008

This is me Stylist business card watch my work it

This is my page in the magazine my hair was relaxed back then check me out at this link to see more hair fazes on YOUTUBE

This photo here are my natural curl patterns but I used the relaxer to tame my tresses better

Here is my hair 90% natural I just washed my hair today & there it is this stage I haven't had a relaxer for over a year just the ends of my hair have the chemicals still in which I will be soon cutting off

Here I used my Beauties Factory 130 palette, MakeUp Forever feathered eyelashes, I'm wearing a black colored EVE short length wig top off with my Fafi MAC scarf

I also love makeup I use MAC Cosmetics mostly

I use Creme of Nature in the winter to moisturize, Pantene products in the summer & for oils & pomades I use "Organic Root Stimulator" but I also make a natural pomade which contains "100% Coconut oil, Shea Butter", & a few drops of "100% peppermint, rosemary oil, or tea tree oil" & between the 3 oils I try to use one oil with the Coconut oil & Shea Butter

Well that's all for now until the next post.....peace & love....