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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Natural hair for life

First off I just wanna say that this natural hair process is crazy I have been relaxed for so long that my natural hair is something new. I have been natural for a little over a year & with the help of a few girls I am on my way to natural healthy full hair. I just wanna take the time to thank "CurlyNikki", "D-Princess28", "Whimsycurls", "Kimmaytube", "Msbuttahfly", "Lia81", & "The makeup virgin" to name a few...I have been watch your youtube videos reading your blogs on this hair journey & just wanted to thank you all, you all are making this so much easier for me...much luv ....PS in this pic is one of my 100% human hair wigs cause I love short hair But I will not cut my hair into a short style so the wig serves the purpose.
now this is how I use the coconut oil but now I'm going to use the coconut oil alone to see how that works...on the left is my natural sheabutter,in the middle is the mixture of the two, on the right is natural coconut oil

these oils below are my natural oils I will use directly on the scalp or mix with my sheabutter/coconut oil mixes

now the "witch hazel" I got this idea from my "Sophisticates's Black Hair" maga issue dec/jan 2010 holiday gala in the fabulous & frugal section. the "witch hazel" is for cleaning the scalp so I just put it in a spray bottle for easy access

the conditioner & water I got the idea from "CurlyNikki" & this is to prep your twist or braid out wonderful idea. I used this conditioner when my hair was relaxed to set my waves in the summer

the coconut oil I got from "Whimsycurl's" youtube channel, now I was using coconut oil before only mixing it with sheabutter but "whimsycurls" uses it alone to set her twist & braid out & just on a daily GOOD TIP

these are the products I use aside from the natural products

here is when I unraveled the twist I just love the texture the twist out leaves

these here are twist outs a tip I got from "CurlyNikki" good natural style for the winter. I just washed the wash sprayed "witch hazel" to my scalp to clean any left in buildup, detangled with "pantene" detangler & use "organic root stimulator- olive oil moisturzing hair lotion" then I twist it up & added clips to the roots so the roots would dry to puffy.

this is the hair I cut off, this is most of the relaxed ends cut off

this is my hair freshly cut I still had the relaxer at the ends of my hair so I cut out as much as possible. now this hair was buned out "NO blow dryer" just flat iron as "D-Princess" suggested

Now this is my hair after i took the buns out

Now for these 4 buns..I had just finished washing my hair & the buns are so the hair can dry into sections. now I got this idea from "D-Princess" she stated: instead of blow drying the hair let your hair dry in buns over night & the next day flat iron if you prefer a straight look. Just to elimate the blow dryer & flat iron together.

These are some of the protein paks & deep conditioners I use to pamper my hair

I truely live by these magazines I recently subscribed to them & I really do read all the articles & highlight the info I think is helpful I've tried most of the tips

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