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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lavender Flower Nails

bouquet of flowersbouquet of flowersLove my shades of purple & since spring is approaching it shall be back on the scene, with accents of a deeper shade of purple & flowers
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Revamped

This is my blowout flat iron hair close to wash day, my loose side braid I did the same style one with the braid hanging down & the next one with it bun up to the side.

Work Attire

Love switching up my style

Work Attire

See how I did the color mixed with a bit of patterns, & my favorite patterns are Houndstooth & Snake print I love how these two patterns can be bold but still go with a bunch of colors & styles. I also pair my looks with hair accessories & random nail art. I love to change my hair styles. & my new found thing are blazers.

Work Attire

Work attire mixed with a bit of a twist from Trousers to Skirts I love to jazz up my looks & get the most out of my outfits. My goal is to rarely wear one outfit the same meaning: to switch it up add color or patterns & having focal points to an outfit.