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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roll & Tuck Fro Hawk, Up-Do's, w/ a splash of Celebrity Naturals

Got this look from CJANEAW's youtube I was on CurlyNikki's blog & fell in love with this look. When I saw the look from a far I just had to watch the video & try it myself, so the very next morning I got up to try it. Now I know I could have made it better but I was trying it out & I would just have to do this style more often. What CJANEAW did was section her hair from side to side straight across the head using her fingers "I sectioned 6 sections, rolled & bobby pin each piece in place" "but you can section how many sections you desire" then she smooth the edges & brush to the center held in place with more bobby pins to create an faux hawk. She calls this look the "Roll & Tuck Hawk" & so far I'm digging it, my twist out was getting old & I haven't combed my hair so this style protects my ends as well as gives me a whole other look.

This look here I was going out & just got tired of wearing my hair out in the the same styles so I decided to try an updo so I bobby pinned up the back mid-way & a little off my face

In these three photos I just let it all hang out this is an twist out nothing special.

This was for an wedding I was gonna get a weave but just decided to go with my natural hair. I went to my stylist & told her I wanted this look which is a twist out. She twisted & pinned up the right side & back of my hair. In most cases I will air dry but due to the lack of time I sat under the dryer & after the look was complete I had her to add the twist in pearls to match my jewelry.

Once again is my banana clipped faux hawk for those days I just don't feel like re-twisting my hair.

Now I chose to go natural on my own like two years ago but these ladies listed below are such an inspiration to continue this journey no matter how difficult it may seem

Tracy Ellis Ross's hair on "Girlfriends" was enough for anyone to become natural her hair was always HOTTT, bless her stylist cause her hair always looked healthy. I love the fullness of it all. can't wait til my locs get longer.

Now she's an celebrity hair stylist by the name of "Tippi Shorter" I saw her in one of my black hair magazines & has been fascinated by her hair every since I saw it once in this big thick bun her hair looks amazing.

Miss "Solange Knowles" just had the urge to cut it all off & be free just goes to show you hair isn't what makes a woman wonderful.

"lauren Hill" I have loved this look for years it seems to be soo care free I just love the vibe of this style.

"Mya's" loose wavy texture

Remember "Maia Campbell" from In The House" w/ LL Cool J....back in the 90's I use to also watch the show to see what was her next style move. I though it was so cool to see an pretty dark skin girl with beautiful hair that was all her own.

"Leela James" is rocking this fro so there you have it, it doesn't matter the texture of you hair it's all in how you care for & rock it I love her vibe.

"Kenya Moore" hair is out of this world beautiful...I remember her saying I believe in an interview that when she was out with her light skin friends people thought she was wearing a weave & her friends had the real hair when in fact her hair was 100% her own & all her friends had extentions.

Miss "Jill Scott" rocks her natural locs like no other.

I can't believe "Janet" really cut her hair it is stunning on her, I really have to get use to this.

"Jada's" pixie cut back in the day was was happening.

"India Arie" this chick is really not her hair I just love that message behind that statement.

"Eva" the Diva now this girl has had the best short natural funky looks by for, the style- the color has been amazing every since topmodel her hair has been on point.

"Corinne Bailey Rae" hair is big, full of life, & the perfect length.

"Chilli's" hair is gorgeous she rocks her natural hair like no other her waves are always in the perfect place.

Now "Bre" from topmodel hair is just inspiring my hair looks just like this when curly & her length is crazy I just can't wait til I achieve my hair journey to get to these results.


  1. Wow, what a long post! Lol. I love the way you wear your hair, I wish my hair was that texture!

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  2. Really nice, you know how to style your hair really well and you look pretty with it :)