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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Different fazes of protective styling

Now this is my favorite protective fun style EVER & my inspiration is from ChiselleCouture's youtube channel & it's an Alicia Keys red carpet up do. I oiled my hair along with Eco Styler Gel along the sides to smooth. I parted three sections straight back: one in the middle & two sections left & right. I took the left & right sections (leaving the middle out) & put them into a lower pontail using an ouchless hair tie. Then I just flat two strand twisted my hair from the back to the front connecting the ponytail & middle section together & pin the front into a pin curl.

Here is just an simple ponytail using a ouchless hair tie I used Eco Styler gel on small sections to help with the uniformed texture. Above I added a peacock pin feather I purchased from Icing's & just air dried.

This look I parted my hair in two sections "up & down" put it into my ouchless hair tie & two strand twist each ponytail into 4-5 pieces & bobby pined them into a bun.

Here I smoothed my sides with Eco Styler gel parted my hair in the front from left to right mid-way. Then made my ponytail using the ouchless hair tie. Started two stranding my hair from the front down into my ponytail & my ponytail consist of a couple two strand twist bobby pinned into a bun

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