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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two stand corn rolled hair

This is another two strand twist look I do to achieve my wavy texture I simply two strand twist 6 corn rolls & pin the back from left to right.I use the same styling products from.... & I just air dry over night & one good thing I get from this look oppose to the individual 10 (5 twist on each side) two strand twist is that I can wear this out & it kinda looks like a style
The front view.

The back view...before I pinned the back from left to right. I braid 3 twist together on each side before I bobby pin them just so the ends are protected.

Side view.

Another side view.....& to set my twist I used my water & conditioner spray bottle "Organic Root Simulator" lock & twist gel, & I also now use Moroccanoil from time to time, but I'm always gonna use my Coconut oil mixes which you can find my daily hair regimen in "Natural Hair For Life" blog.

I was just playing around with my bowed head band here....also check out my "Hair Accessories Code 10" blog

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