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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eye Shadow Frenzy

For this look I chose MAC'S Parfait Amour, Thunder, Texture & Waveline in the liner pot, Spiked brow pencil

This is what I use to keep my eyeshadow from creasing both works miracles but I'm really loving the Urban Decay because it goes on sheer & brightens the eyeshadow. Now I started off using the MAC paints peintures which comes in color, I purchase the colors close to my skin tone but if you don't blend the paint into your skin properly it can alter your shadow, & a MAC artist told me you have to work quickly with these paints cause they dry up fast but they really keep the shadow from creasing all day I have taken a shower on a hot day & this paint never attempt to crease I love this one too. So what you see here are the MAC paints in Sublime Nature, Tan Ray, & Bamboo.

Here I believe I'm wearing MAC's Carbon & Ricepaper & for sure MakeUp Forever eyelashes

MAC lashes above & I also did this look on youtube & MakeUp Forever feathered lashes on the right I use the Duo lash glue I purchase from the MAC counter for all my lashes.

MakeUp Forever lashes in black & blue

I don't know why I just love the drag queen look.

Again MakeUp Forever lashes

MAC eyes SORRY!! folks I don't have the colors

For the lips also MAC products I use Morange in the inner part & Girl About Town as my liner both lipsticks

MAC products again SORRY!!! I don't have the colors listed. I try to go for a beat your face look kinda like someone punched me in the eye

A portion of my MAC collection

Random this look also MAC using Coppering on the outter corner, Textured under the brow, & Moon's Reflection in the inner corners

This look here was from an CoverGirl ad but I used MAC

Here I have here a couple eyeshadow looks they are pretty much randoms but creative. MAC Cosmetics are my #1 choice of makeup but I also use MakeUp Forever, & Beauties Factory. As you can see in the post I love eyeshadow now I got into MAC only because of the colors I remember walking through Bloomingdales & right at the door I saw these amazing artistic looking girls & decided to stop through & the rest was history. I would ask the MAC artist to create a few colorful looks I would watch them in the mirror as they apply my shadow to find out how to apply & I would also feel the direction of the brushes to determine how to create my own looks & go from there. I would also walk in & watch an artist with their clients then I would play with a ton of colors on my hand & buy the best colors for me.

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